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Joelaholics and Benjaholics

yes.. it's our day job

joelaholics and benjaholics
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This community is for benji and joel lovers from all around the US. news_ chris has left good charlotte due to health problems. we'll miss you chris :(

Only a couple rules

1) no argueing or i'll get into it and make you like a dumbass because i have been gifted with that sort of talent
2) no posting random messages not related to Good Charlotte. you WILL be removed from the community.
3) dont be a smart ass.
4) dont trash talk the guys. i WILL hunt you down and i WILL kill you
5) if you're a teeny don't even bother joining.

BenjisPrincess: like oh mah gah benji is like so f'n hot!! (um no)
JoelsLilPunkGirl: like the guys are soooo hott!! um.. what songs do they sing again?

dont even try it guys.. i'll even be judgemental about your live journal name!!

i hate teenys and i'm very stubborn. anyone is welcome to join.. you be nice to me and i'll be nice to you. enjoy and have fun kids.

Mrs.Benjamin Levi Madden

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Date Created:...
Number of Posts: a million

Strengths: the power of punk rock
Weaknesses: benji and joel, good charlotte songs, joel's voice, benji's smile
Special Skills: knowing every word to every good charlotte song
Weapons: guitars, miscrophones, basses, drums, and GC fan from around the world
Good Charlotte: No teenys... just true fans

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